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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  July 1, 2013 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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without bart? these people were stuck on the same stre for . this is kpix 5 news. think your commute was bad without bart? these people were stuck on the same street for hours, but tonight, there is one man who claims he can bring the strike to an end. good evening, i'm allen martin. >> i'm elizabeth cook. here's the very latest. the bart strike still on. there will be no trains tomorrow. there will be no formal negotiations today, and so far, no talks are scheduled for tomorrow. joe vasquez says traffic was so bad today, some drivers actually took coffee breaks. joe. >> liz, the civic center bart station has a little bit of traffic as the muni trains are still running, but compared to most days it's a ghost town undertown. as for the streets of san francisco, that's a whole
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different story. gridlock. how bad is the traffic caused by the bart strike. >> bad. >> so bad it took about an hour and a half toe drive a one mile stretch. >> pretty ridiculous. >> that's time enough for children to take a substantial nap, for a lady to calmly walk around to the trunk and pull out some scene of that accident and for a man to go on a coffee run while his wife wait in traffic. >> i betted that i could come up here, all the way up here to starbucks, pay for iting and everything and come back before she makes it up here. >> that's how many blocks ago. >> three blocks back. >> it's that bad. goodness. >> but not everyone is taking it all that well. >> what do you think about this strike? they're not even at the table negotiating. >> they're not? and we're sitting here in traffic? kind of frustrating. >> i'd be happy to participate in the effort. >> and you haven't been asked yet, though. >> oh, no, not at all. >> former mayor willie brown helped mediate the negotiations during the 1997 bart strike when
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he was mayor and says he'd do it again if asked, although to this day not everyone agrees he helped reach the best resolution. >> one of the comments was, well, yeah, the mayor helped settle that one, but at a price, and there we go, bart employees were paid a lot of money. >> there's always a dispute between management and labor, and usually it evolves around money. the public out there thinks i'm running bart, and the guy driving that train makes more than me. there has to be some clear understanding of what the issues are surrounding money. >> that last strike back in 97 lasted six days. this one, who knows because both sides are not even sitting down at the table talking. reporting live in san francisco, joe vasquez, kpix 5. >> the two sides are still pretty far apart. bart is offering an 8% pay hike. the yundown want 13 and a half
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percent raise over the next three years. they're willing to kick in half a percent toward their retirement. the bay bridge, freeways, buses, ferries all packed today, but what kpix 5 traffic reporter elizabeth wanger found out today could help you tomorrow. >> my best advice, find a friend, grab a stranger, just find someone to share a ride. the worst commutes, like we expected, were primarily in the east bay and the approaches to the bay bridge, but here's what surprised us, the car pool lanes were far less crowd saving drivers who used them a lot of time. another piece of advice, go the long way around. if you're in the east bay, take the richmond bridge to the golden gate bridge. they were a breeze today, even lighter than normal. ferries are another great option though the lines were long. as the bay ferry tripled its number of riders out of the jack london ferry tunnel. i'm elizabeth wanger with your
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traufk. >> some commuters were in line by 3:00 this morning. tomorrow, twice as many buses will be running out of five stations. fremont, wall mutt creek, dublin pleasanton and west oakland. bay area group estimates the first day of the bart strike cost about $73 million in worker productivity alone. that number will increase each day the strike goes on. the last bart strike in 97 lasted six days. city employees in oakland stage add one-day walk out. they also want more money and argued that they made plenty of concessions during the recession. now, the oakland strike shut down non-essential city services today including parking enforcement. now, i reported that last night, but it turns out some people got parking tickets today anyway. you can imagine we got some phone calls and e-mails asking what's up. linda yee found out what happened. >> it was supposed to be free
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parking in oakland. city leaders couldn't make it clearer in press releases they sent out, and last night elizabeth cook announced it on our 11:00 news. >> there will be no parking enforcement in oakland. >> except paul may sown got a ticket anyway, a hefty $58 fine for not feeding the meter. it turns out at least one parking enforcer crossed the picket lines and went to work. >> people have the right to strike or they had the right to report to work, and he came and used the parking enforcement person so he came and wrote tickets as was his job. >> it's not known exactly how many tickets he wrote, but he put in a full shift. >> i thought there's probably a lot of other people who may be having the same problem, and that's not right. >> so we asked the city if they'll make it right for unsuspecting ticket victims. >> we did tell the public that we did not anticipate that there will be parking enforcement so we will honor that. >> if you're one of the unlucky once who got a parking ticket today, you can appeal it.
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follow the instruction on the back. you can either do it in person or online, and you're off the hook. in oakland, linda yee kpix 5. >> oakland city leaders will be on the job tomorrow including parking enforcement officers. the grass fire burned 500 acres, destroyed at least one shed near pittsburgh. one point made a good run toward homes before firefighters managed to contain it about 7:00 tonight. it was about a hundred degrees out there today. paul says it is going to be even hotter tomorrow. even hotter tomorrow after triple dimths today throughout much of the inland areas. lafayette, morgan hill, 101 for each of your communities today. you hit 100. for that reason, we have the excessive heat warning continuing through tomorrow, through wednesday for just about everywhere away from the water. highs will be above 100 degrees again. it's getting to be a common theme in places like livermore. today your fourth-consecutive day above 100 degrees five days in this heat wave and not going
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away because the huge dome of high pressure which gave us the heat will keep the heat around. this high is acting like an oven. it's not moving so our forecast simply is not going to be changing. we will talk about when that high will finally move out, when temperatures will finally fall coming up in a few short minutes. tonight we know more about what happened on the fire lines in arizona where 19 firemen died. investigators say a dramatic shift in the winds trapped them. these guys were some of the best, elite firefighters known as hot shots, most of them in their twentys and thirties. three of them were from southern california. the firefighters knew they were in trouble, and sharon chen shows us the special emergency shelters they used to try to protect themselves. sharon. >> well, to protect themselves, liz, firefighters can use emergency shelters just like this one. unfortunately it doesn't work in every situation. >> ryan of cal fire shows us the $400 emergency fire shelter all packed up in part o every wild
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land firefighter's emergency kit. so let's say the flames wiped away our pre-planned escape or safety zone. you want to pick a minimum 4 by 8-foot area in large field or other natural break. >> you're going to want to try to stay out of direct flame impingement. these fire shelters are designed to deflect 95% of the radiant heat from the exterior. >> you put your feet in first then put your hands in the hand strap and you anchor your feet and your hands to the ground to keep the shelter in place and hopefully to tep you safe. >> when the fire is going over the top you're going to experience significant winds and this thing is going to try to blow away from you. >> fire resistant aluminum, silica and fiberglass wovn into the thick lining of this cocoon-like tent it can with stand high temperatures but cannot endure direct flames for more than several minutes. >> they start to break down after 30 seconds of about 13 to
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1400 degrees. about 30 seconds you'll start to get that exterior starting to break apart, and if it's -- if it's for that amount of time, you should be okay, but if it's for extended periods where it's minutes, you probably -- you probably wouldn't be able to survive. >> since 2009, all firefighters in wild labd situations have been required to have these emergency shelters with them. they are retrain and had retested every yore. they have a 30-second test at which they are supposed to show just how to use these. >> training is important. all right, sharon, thank you. well, that tent sharon showed us is the latest version. they are more fire resistant and bigger than similar tents from just a couple of years ago. sick of bad drivers? how more and more people are getting revenge against people who do things like this. stephen king goes under the dome. what pulled him to dark side and what still scares him. paula deen is using prop 8
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ruling to try to save her career. and stay with kpix 5. live coverage begins tomorrow morning at 4: jvn 30. ,,
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some drivers told us they didn't want to risk being late so they got out the door three hours earlier than usual. even on a regular day some drivers just do some stupid things from cutting people off to making illegal turns, and if you're sick of all that, kiet doe shows us there's a new way to get even. >> maybe you've been that lady on the bridge or that guy in san francisco or even this guy in concord. before dash cams got so cheap, bad driving just stayed on the road, but now every bad choice you make behind the wheel could go viral like the driver of this silver bmw in napa who got angry at a slower car, tried to pass several times and nearly caused head-on crashes. this clip alone got more than 150,000 views. it's from a you tube account named bad drivers of napa with 136 videos and counting from all over the bay area.
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the strend picking up with the latest local you tube channels called bad drivers of santa cruz. to do that bad drivers of southern california, portland, oregon, vancouver, south carolina and texas. don't even get me start on russia. with all these you tube channels popping up it begs the question, is it making it safer? are drivers behaving. >> i don't see it having that big of an impact. >> chp officer says shooting the videos is legal as long as you mount the camera either on the dash or in the lower corners and don't exceed signs restrictions. it appear it is creators of the videos are driving aggressively themselves. in this clip from the napa driver, he sped up to block someone out of his lane. >> you think he was driving like a jerk. >> i -- i think he could drive a little bit more. >> that's really incredible. >> drivers we showed the videos
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to were it would shame others into being safer sgli clearly understand the frustration, but whether or not it's really that okay, i'm not sure. >> knowing this guy is out there, does he make you want to driver safer. >> no. i'm just italian. i'll drive safe because it's the law, and you want to make sure everybody is safe. >> so be careful where you shoot that bird. someone might be shooting back with a camera. kiet doe, kpix 5. >> the chp stays more effective way to fight aggressive driver social -- is to call their hot line. now, paula deen is trying a new talk tick to save her career. her lawyers are using last week's prop 8 decision to fight a racial discrimination lawsuit. they claim the woman suing deen doesn't have standard to sue her because she's right. the woman's lawyer says she's in
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her rights and so far the scandal cost paula dee n at least five endorsements plus her food network show. tonight was the second under the dome. >> inside. >> linda. >> the series is based on a book by stephen king, and you have to wonder where did he come up with these ideas? cbs reporter anthony mason asked him. >> where does your interest in the dark side come from. >> i don't know. i don't know. i could actually -- i could tell you, but then i'd have to kill you. i started off as a fan of movies about giant bugs that swallowed new york and los angeles. >> what did you like about that. >> i liked the idea that things would get out of control and somebody would battle to put control back in their lives. >> turns out, the man who has freaked out generations of
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readers and moviegoers gets scared himself. what's the scariest book he's ever read. >> probably lord of the flies because that descend and savagery was so amazing. >> we'll have more from stephen king next monday at 11:00. now, out of the 50 novels he's published so far, there's one he doesn't want anyone to read anymore. find out why and which one next monday. well, it was so hot today, one bear splish splash, he was taking a bath. take a look at trail camera in shasta county caught this black bear taking a dip in an old bathtub. the bear rolls around, plays in the water, cools off, jumps out, kind of shakes it off here. wait for it. wait for it. oh, then turns away. >> he had the right idea. a lot of folks were doing that today trying to get any way to cool off. wanted to. >> you included. >> yeah.
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feed the water. ve television. yeah. it is pretty toesty out there. the difference between this heat wave and most of our heat waves lasts one or two days. this one has been five already, and it's gooing to be three more. we are not going to see significant cooling until friday. today's highs, cloverdale, you hit a buck 5. dublin 1404, pleasanton 103, walnut cliek 102, gil roy 101 and pittsburgh 100 degrees today. you go outside and try to make the best of it. lots of kids did. i have to say every water park in the bay area, probably the entire state packed with kids today. one, school is out, two, it's about 120 degrees above average temperature wise. kids having fun in the heat today. look at our microclimates around here. you know we have them. livermore 103, 62 miles away and 45 degrees away, it was only 58 for a high today in point reyes. overnight tonight it's not going to cool down that much. oakland 60, fremont 60, san jose
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only down to 65, concord 65, fairfield 72 degrees. a mild start. very hot finish. look at these highs at pittsburgh toerm. that fire close by today. sunny and hot tomorrow, 104, and we will stay just as hot if not a degree or two hotter coming up on wednesday. above 100 degrees for a couple more days. couple things i want to point out here. one, the ridge of high pressure that's been giving you the hot weather away from the water and warmer weather near the bay is not going to move the next few days. it will stay just as hot on tuesday and wednesday if not a couple degrees hotter before things begin to break down the process begins on thursday, which is key days, july 4th for you, but by friday that high pressure area is gone. low pressure moving in stronger on shore flow. everybody 10 to 15 degrees cooler but not until three more days with temperatures above 100 degrees move through the bay area away from the water so staying hot away from the water near the coast, near the bay will be markedly cooler but still above normal. the heat breaks on friday. 99 tomorrow for campbell.
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fremont 90. triple digits for pittsburgh and danville and san ramon, 99. downtown san francisco 76 and winds are 110 degrees tomorrow so we're triple digits away from the water through july 4th include tg holiday, some cooling on friday, more significant cooling, low 70s theer the baby sunday so it's coming but still several days away. >> lingering on. >> stick around for awhile i.'s a long one for us. >> all right. paul, thanks. right now it's not the time. while the heat is scoring right here in the bay area, it was raining in cincinnati. not soon enough for the giants. and the latest shocker wimbledon is the biggest. >> everyone taken for granted she's going to win this. >> kpix 5 mobile weather lab powered by toyota. the all new redesigned toyota rav4 is here and ready for your next adventure. ,,
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. giants just can't fire on all cylinders. >> the issue is they only have two very dependable starters. they have no help in the minor leagues, and i think they're going to make a trade and i think i know who they're going to trade for. >> who. >> can't say. little tease. the giants look nothing like the
11:25 pm
team that stunned the reds in playoffs last october. mike probably earned himself a ticket back to fresno already up two to nothing in the second ben robinson chops one over the head. it is cheap. that is a cheapy but didn't count. two runs scored. third inning a bomb into the upper deck by today fraser, a three-run home run, 7 to nothing. did not get out of the third inning. it was 8 to 1 mercifully when the rain started pouring and the game was called in the sixth inning. meanwhile the a's up a three-game set against the cubs tomorrow and after taking two out of three from st. louis over the weekend opponents are finally starting to take notice. >> we said go intoog this, the best team you never heard of. got good players that, you know, don't get a lot of credit. >> no respect. one of those guys is 6 foot 8 first baseman nate who gets bulk of his playing time against left-handed pitching. in case you didn't notice, married to lpga golfer and he joined me in studio last night
11:26 pm
on game day. >> i'm a terrible golfer. i can't shoot under a hundred. >> no kidding. >> no, nothing, never. >> you guys did not meet on the golf course. >> no. we didn't. i've got. i have my own clubs now thanks to her, but i still can't break a hundred with them. maybe some day. >> yeah. >> i enjoy being out there with her and hope unless she's lying, she says she enjoys having me out there. serena williams is no longer. she took her 34-match winning streak against sabine who finished off the world's top player on a 17-streefk rally. she falls wimbledon and advances to the quarter finals. stevens is the only american left in london. clearly, the greatest win of career whose emotions got the best of her during the post-match interview. here's the top 5. >> the interview we're not supposed to ask how do you feel, but i'm going to because you are
11:27 pm
shaking. >> i'm still shaking. i'm so happy. much different reaction from lucas kuba who did a little cabaret number across the grass after dancing his way to quarter finals. no tears there. a jack rus el terrier nearly caused a disaster at the tour defrance. you call that man's best friend. get out of the way. nobody was hurt. no. 2, marlins and padres. every inch of that 6-foot frame. miami won. why have enmys when you have teammates like allen caruthers? the braves third baseman makes the catch and goes crashing into the dug out. that's his own dug out, allen, elizabeth. >> nobody caught him. >> typically if you go in dug out, everybody comes other and makes sure if it's the opponent you let him crash and fall and hopefully drop the ball. he actually held onto that baseball and was not injured in
11:28 pm
the process and neither was the dog if anybody called from home. >> he was quick. he realized this is not where i'm supposed to be and went back. >> exactly. so did the owner. >> we'll be right back. goodnight. thanks, olivia. thank you. so you can make a payment from your cell to almost anyone's phone or email. (speaking french) so you can express your gratitude... in the moment.
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there were no . bart is doubling its bus to cope with tomorrow's commute crush. >> yeah, but trains, forget it. there were no negotiations between bart and union today. so far, no new talks are scheduled either. the two sides struggling to find some common ground on pensions, health benefits, salaries and safety, and it could take awhile. the last bart strike, by the way, 1997, lasted six days. we're going to have the latest on the bart strike and the commute tomorrow morning beginning at 4:30. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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throw a holiday cookout! get a great deal on arrowhead water, just $3.33 a case. and pick up cheerios for just a $1.88. real big deals this week and every week. only at safeway. ingredients for life. . got to get used to this heat. going to stick around a little bit longer. >> all the way through the holiday. this is where we have been. this is where we were today. take a look at these temperatures. highs for today, 105, 103, 102. just when you thought i couldn't get any hotter it's going to. tuesday, wednesday, 107. near the bay much cooler, low 80s. near the coast upper 0s. we will stay above 100s through july 4th. >> forget the coats.
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>> yeah. >> letterman is next. >> we'll see you tomorrow. ( band playing "late show" theme ) >> from the heart of broadway, broadcasting across the nation and around the world, it's the "late show" with david letterman. tonight... plus paul shaffer and the cbs orchestra. i'm alan kalter. and now, tiffany's security guard: david letterman! captioning sponsored by worldwide pants and cbs ( cheers and applause ) ( band playing "late show" theme )


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